Vernonia amygdalina is a plant common to the tropical areas of Africa. It is indigenous to many West African Countries. It derived the name “ bitter leaf” from its extremely bitter taste. It is consumed locally as food and has a great number of important medicinal uses.

The roots and leaves are commonly used in ethno-mediceine to treat fevers, hiccups, kidney problems and stomach discomfort among other uses.

Bitter leaf

A number of studies on the consumption of bitter leaf have demonstrated some of its many uses which includes

  • Anti-diabetic properties by improving glucose tolerance and fasting blood sugar in diabetic patients.
  • It helps to fight prostrate cancer by gradually reducing the pains felt by men diagnosed with the condition.
  • Bitter leaf at bedtime will help to relax and calm the body thereby helping people with insomnia to sleep.
  • It could enhance fertility by helping the body to detoxify, prevent the pollution of the antibodies that fight diseases thereby initiating tissue repair and regeneration.

This I known to significantly boost the fertility in the ovaries as well as eliminating ovarian cyst and premature ovarian failure.

Some of its other known medicinal uses include treatment of jaundice, worm infestation, constipation, cough, veneral diseases and other bacteria and protozoal infections.

It has also been proven to help in preventing breast cancer and the further spread of cancer cell in some women.